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In today’s age, IT plays a central role in driving the business forward. Demand for bandwidth is increasing at an unprecedented rate and will continue to do so, making choosing the correct network design a complex process, depending on an organizations’ requirement. The key to implementation of any technology is to be able to fully assess the impact of that technology not on a single platform, but across the entire infrastructure and then on the business itself. In order to do this successfully, we carry a wide expertise in technology and business solutions that foresee the long-term impact of each choice. We provide high quality technical solutions that are optimized for time-to-market and value.

We hope to share our resources with you in LAN, WAN, Datacom and Network Security to provide you the most cost efficient solution. We are confident that our comprehensive range of networking products and related services will completely meet your expectations and all your current and future requirements.

Through consultancy we can understand your requirements and concerns. We can engage our own consultants, or indeed draw upon specialists from our key suppliers, with the intent of examining your current business and future desires. We would gather data, research the marketplace and produce output that succinctly delivers cost effective solutions, against the identified business requirements.

Our committed engineers are trained to meet the diverse needs and requirements of enterprises at LAN / WAN, with a true sense of ownership and responsibility. Today’s enterprise needs to leverage the strengths of technologies available and also provide room for scalability and expansion.

We believe that all companies need vision, as we have ourselves, to look to the future and make informed decisions for the way forward. Without this vision there is great risk that your organization becomes stagnated and fails to grow, or becomes weakened by their competitors. Have the courage to embrace the new wave of solutions.


We enable enterprises

To move towards a solution oriented environment
To consolidate IT resources and systems
To optimize operations
To improve performance, manageability and cost
Flexibility and reliability to meet current and future business demands

Key differentiating factors

Enterprise wide infrastructure planning
Best practice design and implementation
Best of breed technology deployment

Services Offered

Passive Networking (Copper and Fiber)
Network Design, Implementation and Optimization
Network Consultancy
Remote Access and VPN Solutions
Network Security
Network Management
Onsite Support
Facility Management Services
IT Asset Management
Telco Liasoning
Bandwidth Solutions for Internet, Intranet, P2P, MPLS
Leasing Solutions for Enterprise Routers